Robotics Engineer - Manipulation

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About REMY Robotics
What we Believe
The food-market industry has been shifting drastically in the last decade. Labour shortage due to low wages and difficult conditions in the kitchens is causing profound structural problems. High cost and low margins are provoking profit losses. Customers are demanding more sustainable and healthy food. Pandemics and lifestyle changes are pushing new business models such as food-on-demand and food delivery.
In this context, robotics is a self-evident solution. Yet, commercial kitchen robotization have been very limited. To overcome the limitations of most robotic solutions, we must go beyond the current exciting cooking paradigms. Not by teaching robots how to cook like humans do, but by focusing on flexibility, scalability and reliability. 

What we're Building
It’s time to take robotic kitchens to the next level! At REMY Robotics, we’re building a new cooking framework, combining adaptive robotics to culinary engineering. 
Our robotics kitchens use software-defined and adaptive robots, computer vision, artificial intelligence and mechatronics that can ensure constant quality, adaptability to any recipe, and operational effectiveness across an endless variety of food production scenarios. 
Our solution is commercially proven: we operate our own B2C food brands across delivery platforms and serve customers daily and are now starting to partner with different actors of the food industry as a technology provider.
Our ambition is to power commercial kitchens of multiple partners in the food service industry.

Who we are
At REMY, we like to do things a bit differently. Unlike traditional software products, our robots exist in the physical world: this means the scope of our products and projects are wide-ranging, from the highly technical to the physical, such as identifying and implementing appropriate food packaging solutions for our customer-facing hot food products. 
This distinctive model, combined with our existing team of experienced, highly-driven world-class tech, culinary and operational employees, removes the bureaucracy from our business, allowing us to focus on what will make a real impact to REMY’s products.
At REMY Robotics, we are developing groundbreaking technological solutions alongside a truly competitive customer product to create a better future for the food industry, for consumers and for the planet.
About the role
At REMY we are constantly reimagining what the robotic kitchen of the future should look like and developing its elements making sure they are designed and built for robots, not humans, from the ground up. Our robotics kitchens are made up of off-the-shelf robotic arms (for now) and a variety of our own mechatronic smart devices and appliances ranging from end-effectors for our arms, to smart cooling, heating and storage appliances. Since we're in the cooking business, your job will get more challenging as we work with many ingredients and components that change shape and consistency.

As Robotics Engineer, you will join our team and work on the whole stack of robot planning and control systems.
As such your main responsibilities will include: 

  • Designing and implementing intelligent planning and controls for robotic systems enabling precise grasping and manipulation for culinary tasks,
  • Developing and optimizing motion planning algorithms, pipelines, and strategies to improve robot performance,
  • Managing high-level robot behaviors using FSM or Behavior Trees, 
  • Implementing force-control and visual-servoing to perform complex manipulation tasks,
  • Utilizing an in-house simulator for testing new features and system stability,
  • Quickly implementing proof of concept or a prototype, and test on real robotic systems,
  • Creating complete documentation for robotic systems,
  • Working closely with mechanical, electrical, computer vision, and software engineers to implement and test various ideas and algorithms.
What success means in this role
  • You deliver manufacturable and scalable solutions that work every time, 
  • You provide technical expertise and work closely with cross-functional technical teams to implement and troubleshoot solutions,
  • You are a cross-disciplinary team member and you are comfortable communicating across teams,
  • You are excited to work with and learn from software, mechanical, electrical, computer vision, culinary engineers, and chefs,
  • You are resourceful, flexible and adaptable; no task is too big or too small,
  • You have a true start-up mindset: you try, fail and try again.
What will make you a great candidate
  • You have a MSc+ in Robotics, Computer Science, or a related field,
  • You have a deep theoretical understanding of motion planning, robot kinematics and/or control systems,
  • You have experience working with collaborative or industrial robots,
  • You have a strong knowledge of C/C++ and Python programming languages,
  • You have experience with MoveIt, OMPL, OpenRave or similar motion planning frameworks,
  • You have knowledge of ROS, Gazebo, and RViz. Experience with other robotic libraries is a plus, 
  • You have experience working with Ubuntu or other Linux distributions (bash, CMake, ssh),
  • You have experience with software development practices, agile methodology, and software development tools (like Git and Docker) is an advantage,
  • You are fluent in English, both written and spoken.
Why join REMY
  • The beaches, food, vibes, mountains and architecture of Barcelona
  • The chance to work on the next big thing in Food Tech
  • Amazing colleagues and a great culture
  • You get to pick your workstation & tools
  • Hybrid way of working
  • Personal growth, innovation and learning every day
  • Health insurance for you and your family
  • 23 paid vacation days (+11 public holidays)
  • Return flights home
  • Gym subscription
  • Relocation package
About us
REMY Robotics is building the world’s first end-to-end ecosystem of delivery restaurants powered by autonomous robot-run kitchens.
Our world-class team (robotics, tech, culinary, brand marketing and operations) is developing groundbreaking technological solutions alongside a truly competitive customer product.
Our objective is to create a better future for the food industry, for consumers and for the planet.
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